Order of Security - New International Award
for security professionals and law enforcement specialists

In the history of mankind, the need for security has never been as urgent as it is now, from the beginning of the 21st century. By the multiplication of security risks and dangers, people's sense of security is significantly reduced. Security is a huge challenge for everyone and more important than ever before in the life of individuals and societies, political activities of countries and different organizations at international and national level. More and more specialists are employed by the official law enforcement agencies and in the private security sphere around the world. And their number is expected to rise further in the near future. So, the security profession rightly demands the recognition of exceptional performance and successful professional career in an official form at international level.

In 2015, upon the initiative of IBSSA, with the support of IAPA and other international security organizations, a new system of honours was established and launched in order to recognise the outstanding performance of professionals and corporates working in the field of security. In terms of spirit, this system was registered as a non-profit, international association, in such an organizational structure like the knightly orders.

Name of the professional knight order: International Order of Knights of Security
Short name of the order: Order of Security
Abbreviation: O.S.

Composition of the governing body:
- renowned international experts and leaders of professional organizations have been invited to be members of the jury, chaired by the Founding President.

Proposals for granting the award can be made by international or national security organizations and businesses.

The award consists of a 3-level grading system:

Level I.
a./Shield of Security
b./Officer Shield of Security
c./Commander Shield of Security

Level I. awards can be given to companies or organisations working in the security profession, in addition to private individuals.

Level II.
d./ Star of Security – Level Bronze
e./ Star of Security – Level Silver
f./ Star of Security – Level Gold

These grades can only be given to private individuals.

Honours can be applied by submission forms. Recommendations for decoration received on the Internet will be awarded by the governing body following the evaluation of the international jury, and after receiving the registration fee – the diploma, the ID-card and the pin will be sent by post to the recipient of the award.

In the first period the handover ceremony is organised by the promoter, then – gradually – this role is taken over by the national organizations, that are already formed by the awardees.

Those people who receive any of these six honours will become members of the professional knightly order, i.e., the International Order of Knights of Security.

Level III.
g./ Silver Star of Security with Diamonds
h./ Gold Star of Security with Diamond
i./ Grand Cross Knight of Security

High achievements of Level III. can also be proposed and requested in the manner described above, which are already knightly titles. These decorations are received personally during the "Order of Security" Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner (Ball) solemn events, to be held once a year. Patron of the award ceremony is the Sovereign Order of Cyprus, the elite knightly order of the Knights of Sword and Silence.
From the registration fees – after deduction of all related costs – the remaining amount is spent on professional training, particularly in the fields of security, first aid and disaster relief, in accordance with the principles laid down in the articles of association.

The decorated professionals, namely members of the International Order of Knights of Security operate independently in the various countries on the basis of the suggestions and instructions of the governing body, only for appointing the national president requires the approval of the HQ. (In the first period, their appointment is also the responsibility of the centre, for quick implementation and efficient operation.) For the members of the O.S. we do not intend to introduce knightly capes. Wearing the decorations, i.e., the rendering symbols on elegant suits or for ladies on occasional dresses and costumes, meets the wear and appearance appropriate to the rank of the medal of honour.

The organizers will soon be presenting the photos of the medals, the diploma sample and the forms of application in several languages, (which can be sent online as well), these forms will include the symbolic registration fees of the various grades of awards.